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Designer/2000 is a complex, sophisticated tool that covers the entire software development life cycle. We have designed our curriculum to provide you the knowledge you need when you need it. Courses are described below.

These are not overview classes. Over 95% of our attendees rate the "amount of information" in our courses as "About Right" (vs "Too Much" or "Not Enough"). Each class is 5 days and consists of lecture and extensive hands-on labs.

We license and sell our courseware for both internal and commercial use.

Using Oracle Designer R6/R2.1 for Analysis, Design & Prototyping

"Flowed at an excellent pace with good labs. Never lost interest. Class was appropriate for the real project being worked on."

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The first class, Using Oracle Designer R6/R2.1 for Analysis, Design & Prototyping teaches your team the skills needed during the analysis and design phases. This class provides in-depth coverage of the tools used in these phases. It also provides basic coverage of the generators enabling your team to create usable prototypes. It provides the critical understanding of the entire life cycle of Designer/2000.

Each student team will create a finished application with database, Forms, Reports and Menus completely from scratch.

We recommend that all members of your team attend this class; analysts, designers, developers, DBA’s and even managers! Your entire team will understand the capabilities of Designer/2000 and how each aspect of the tool affects the final application.

This class is also available for R1.3.

Using Designer/2000 Generators

"The information presented was very appropriate to what we are trying to do in our current project."

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The second class, Using Designer/2000 Generators, is taken when your team is ready to create a sophisticated, production level system. This is typically several weeks or months after Using Oracle Designer for Analysis, Design and Prototyping.

This course provides in-depth training in generating Forms and Reports using Designer/2000. It also covers reverse engineering of databases, Forms and Reports.

This class is primarily for developers who will be using the Forms and Reports generators for full scale implementation. Students should understand the basics of developing Oracle Forms.

R2.1 available in March, 1999. Currently available for R1.3.


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