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I am Snowflake SnoPro Core Certified, (2019 - present)
I have recognized by Snowflake as a Sowflake Data Superhero.
Please see myExternal link opens in new tab or window External link opens in new tab or windowLinkedin Profile, and my External link opens in new tab or windowblog. I have 40+ recommendations from past clients and employers.
I am in independent consultant, incorporated in California, licensed in Foster City, CA with appropriate business liability insurance.
I have worked with 90+ organizations in all aspects of the data life cycle for data warehousing and OLTP. My modeling expertise includes dimensional, 3NF and Datavault.
I specialize primarily in Snowflake and its eco-system.
I offer my services both directly to clients and under contract to other professional service organizations.
I have authored 30+ papers and presented at 100+ conferences.